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S Stephens Adamstown

St Stephens Adamstown

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Fr Christopher Bird SSC


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6 Kyle Road
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Sunday Worship
You are very warmly invited to join us in worship
Sunday 9.00 am Sung Mass
5.30 pm Mass
Weekday Liturgy
Mon-Tue Wed Thu-Fri Sat

7.30 am


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The highlight of the Ministry of the Word is the Proclaimation of the Holy Gospel.

Following the reading of the Gospel we spend some time reflecting upon what the Ministry of the Word has had to say to us, and in this time the Preacher of the day will proclaim the Good News, encourage us in the faith, and help us open our hearts and minds to the Kingdom of God.

Some parishes will provide a printed copy of the sermon, which many may find helpful, and with no disrespect at S Stephens we believe that there is a significant place for the sermon the heard. English is such a complex language, that the tone, balance and intonation, will often give to the words a richness of the meaning that just is not there in print.