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MarriageFrom the beginning of time in every tribe and culture there has been a celebration of the relationship between man and woman, and  this relationship has been cherished as a foundation building block of a stable society.

Our Lord Jesus Christ brought further dignity to marriage, as S.John records this as the setting for the first (and one of the most cherished) of the miracles.

From earliest times in the Church marriage was understood to be a sign or symbol of the love that Christ has for the Church.

In this sacrament we celebrate the two lives brought together in the bond of love, ready to declare it, to sing it from the rooftops and commit to hold fast to this life in an uncertain future.

Marriage is a sign of faith and hope. The symbol exchanged is the ring and the ring remind us that the is no end point to this love.

The exchange of promises and the giving and receiving of ring/s is certainly at the heart of the celebration of the sacrament.

It makes perfect sense for two people ready to declare their great love for each other to want to do so in a context that is both among family and friends and in the presence of God.

Marriage is understood to be a lifelong commitment. As part of that commitment we will be asking each couple to do some work in preparation for their wedding, and their together going forward.

There was a time when the Church seemed quite harsh for those whose relationships faltered for whatever reason, however deep reflection has shown us that the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus remind us clearly that there is a very real place in our lives for forgiveness and new beginnings. We are willing to enable those who have experience divorce to find a new beginning. The Church is able to marry people who have been through this experience.

The Anglican community who worship at S.Stephen’s Adamstown is an open and non-judgemental community. Our parish priest welcomes the opportunity to talk through your particular circumstances.

Christ was the word that spake it. He took the bread and break it; And what his words did make it That I believe and take it.
Elizabeth I - 1533 - 1603
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