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S Stephens Adamstown

St Stephens Adamstown

Brunker Road




Fr Christopher Bird SSC


Phone     02 4957 1895

Mobile      0413 001 109





6 Kyle Road
Adamstown NSW  2289



PO Box 17
Adamstown NSW 2289




Sunday Worship
You are very warmly invited to join us in worship
Sunday 9.00 am Sung Mass
5.30 pm Mass
Weekday Liturgy
Mon-Tue Wed Thu-Fri Sat

7.30 am


5.30 pm


7.30 am


8.00 am


Welcome to S Stephen's Anglican Church Adamstown.

Your 5 Star Parish in the Diocese of Newcastle

S Stephens Anglican Church Adamstown

We seek to be:

  • Faithful in our Commitment to Prayer
  • Faithful in our Commitment to Sacramental Worship
  • Faithful in our Commitment to Social Justice
  • Faithful in our Commitment to service in the community in which we live
  • Faithful in our Commitment to the Proclamation of the Good News of the Kingdom of God

We are an inclusive faith community.  God loves, not simply all of us, but each one of us. We have strong connections to the artistic communities in Newcastle. Theatre on Brunker is a very solid part of that commitment. S Stephens Anglican Church Adamstown welcomes all who come to worship.  We seek to serve our community as we are enabled. If you believe we can help, please let us know.

Saint Stephens has a great history. It was the birthplace of the Brotherhood of S Laurence. Also the birthplace of the Church Army in Australia.  It is the birthplace of theological education in the Diocese of Newcastle. St Stephens also has a fabulous life. We are a vibrant  faith community. We have strong links to the wider community and we embrace and welcome all. Our faith is incarnational so our people have a great sense of God's presence in all that we do. We have a strong commitment to welcome.

To all who are tired and need rest: to all who mourn and need comfort: to all who are discouraged and need hope: to all who are homeless and need sheltering love: to all who sin and need a Saviour: to whomsoever will this church open wide its doors in the name of Christ!

Saint Stephen, patron of our parish family,
intercede for us.

As part of the  Anglican Church Adamstown, we celebrate our Catholic Heritage. The sacraments given to us by Christ himself. The historic orders of ministry. We worship God in Three Persons, and we use all our sense and sensibilities to do that. When you worship with us as well as your mind, you can use all the senses that you have. We believe it is essential that worship in any form be, at least in part, a celebration.

S Stephens is a parish community. We have a great future. Our outstanding Church Building is prominent on the hill in Adamstown. We have a strong commitment, not simply to God, but to the community in which God has called us to serve. The Anglican Church Adamstown is part of the Diocese of Newcastle. We are in Communion with the Ancient See of Canterbury in the Church of England. We recognize the importance of the diversity which exists within Anglicanism.

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread will live for ever; and the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.
John 6:41
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